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When you want to learn to drive you should choose an instructor that can assist you to pass your practical driving test 1st time, however most importantly is capable of training you to become a safe driver.

Avoid making the mistake of simply choosing the least expensive. Check out how successful they are and ask how many of their pupils pass their practical driving test at their first attempt. This should only be taken as a rough guide as there are several contributing factors that are outside of the instructor’s control. But it does give a rough idea on the success of the training given because if you have to re-take the test many times, learning to drive will end up becoming more costly in the long term.


Search for any available offers.
We give discounts on blocks of ten lessons purchased in advance. We always hope
that our pupils feel safe and confident with our instructors, but in the unusual
occurrence of a pupil not wanting to continue training with our driving school,
any unused lessons fess would be refunded. The best time to take your lessons is dependent upon your circumstances. We are able where possible, to organize your lessons after school/college or after work, pretty much any time you feel relaxed and not in a rush.

Moreover it can make great sense to benefit from our block booking offer that will save you money and you will benefit from having a regular slot and keeping to a routine.

You are able to select, when practical, where you would like to start your lesson from, your college, home of place of work and If your requirements change then that's fine as well, we will do our best to accommodate any changes.

If you are totally new to driving, we will drive you to a calm area that will enable you to find out how all the controls work without experiencing pressure from other motorists.


Your instructor is going to be patient and courteous and encourage you to make progress at a rate that perhaps you may think is outside your comfort zone, but no more than he or she knows you will have the ability to cope with.

So after you pass first time, where will you celebrate?

So grab the phone now and join the many others that are learning or have learnt with us,phone NOW to find out the latest lesson price.

So don't hold off, call now, FREE, on 01883 596005 and take the first step to becoming a fully qualified driver.

Take a moment to look over a program that many of our passed pupils have found greatly assists them in their preparation for the D.S.A. Theory Test. This program allows you to practice using the D.S.A. official questions and lets you monitor your progress. The program also allows you to practice the Hazard Perception section of the test and there is an up to date copy of the Highway Code that can be accessed.

We at M& School of Motoring enroll all of our pupils onto the program at NO additional cost.

Click below to check it out.


Passed 12th April
Amy Earl

Amy Earl

First time Pass

Passed 5th April
April Bonner


First time Pass

Passed 2nd April
Luke Pearson

Luke Pearson

First time Pass

Passed 21st March
Matthew Bruce


Passed 21st March
Matthew Pettit

Matthew Pettit

First time Pass

Passed 17th March
Zsuzsanna Chappell

Zsuzsanna Chappell

First time Pass

Passed 14th March
Annabelle Lamb


Passed 6th March
Megan Carter


First time Pass

Passed 26th February
Ben Varley

Ben Varley

Passed 14th February
Ben Howland


First time Pass

Passed 13th February
Maddy Thompson

Maddy Thompson

First time Pass

Passed 13th February
Maddy Thompson


First time Pass

Passed 3rd February
Steph Rueff


Passed 31st January

Ellie Grindrod


First time Pass

Passed 31st January
Amanda Slark


Passed 29th January

Ellie Grindrod


Passed 14th January
Mark Crowley


Passed 7th January

Jack Pollock


First Time Pass

Passed 3rd January
Sarah McDaniel


Passed 24th December
Daniel Phillips

Daniel phillips

First Time Pass

Passed 18th December
Natasha MacGregor

natasha mcgregor

Passed 4th December

Sarah Little

sarah li

Passed 26th November

Charlotte Steward

Charlotte Steward

Passed 22nd November
George Skinner


Passed 11th November
Sam Drummond


First Time Pass

Passed 6th November
Kerry Searle


First Time Pass

Passed 4th November
Jason Russell

jason rusell

Passed 20th October
Jamit Shah


Passed 11th October
Jordan Markey

jordan rusell

First Time Pass

Passed 11th October
Nadira Uddin

nadira uddin

First Time Pass

Passed 9th October
Kayleigh Lensen


Passed 4th October
Oliver Acutt


First Time Pass

Passed 27th September
Anish Thakrar


First Time Pass

Passed 27 September
Amy Sullivan

amy sulivan

First Time Pass

Passed 26th September
Alex Davis


Passed 24th September
Ryan Dale


First Time Pass

Passed 23rd September
Tom Barron


Passed 20th September
Emma Berry

emma berry

Passed 18th September
Nicola Rogers


First Time Pass

Passed 8th August
Sheila Farley


Passed 18th July
Daniel Butler


First Time Pass

Passed 17 July
Alice Dungate


First Time Pass

Passed 17 July
Taylor Anderson


Passed 5th July
Charlie Swallow


Passed 22nd April
Artur Muchegyan


Passed 20th March
Pena Mason


First Time Pass

Passed 1st March
Charlene Sumner


Passed 20th February
Conor O'Donovan


Passed 19th February
Philippa Woodley


First Time Pass

Passed 15th February
Ellesse Jones


First Time Pass

Passed 13th February
Alex Pullen


Passed 25th January
Paul Skilton

Paul Skilton

First Time Pass

Passed 10th January
Clare Singers


First Time Pass

Passed 7th January
Alex Lamb


Passed 31st December
Sophie Brewster


Passed 11th December
Meggan Morris of Caterham

Meggan Morris

First Time Pass

Passed 3rd December
Katie Earl of Chaldon


First Time Pass

Passed 29th November
Alan from Kenley


First Time Pass

Passed on 25 October
Cameron Fitzgerald from Redhill


First Time Pass

Passed on 23 September
Connor Devlin from Caterham


First Time Pass

assed 30 August
Emma Morris of Caterham


First Time Pass

Passed 25th August
Philippa Oxford of Caterham


First Time Pass

Passed 21 August
Alex Reiley of Caterham


Passed 8th August
Jassmine Collins of Warlingham


First time Pass

Passed 7th August
Daniel of Caterham

daniel of caterham

Passed 5th July

Kayleigh Paschley of Caterham


Passed 25th June
Peter Wackenier of Caterham


First Time Pass

Passed 18th April
Nicola of Godstone


Passed 7th April
Nina Collomosse of Kenley

nina collomose

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